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Stickers to customize your car, your tablet or smartphone but also mini T-shirts to attach to windows or to serve as bottle covers, as well as caps or mouse pads on many themes

Not forget to mention the gifts Voucher to please on any occasion

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  • Tissu mask

    In many countries, as in Switzerland, covering your nose and mouth with a mask is mandatory as soon as the physical distance can no longer be respected. This goes for public transport, in most stores and even on the street or any other frequented public place.

    The mask has therefore become an essential accessory in everyday life.

    In addition to being much more ecological and cheaper to use, the fabric mask allows you to stand out from the crowd with personalized patterns.

    However, please note that this is not a certified product. However, according to the OFSP (Federal Office of Public Health), the industrial fabric mask (also called "community mask"), used correctly, does not protect the wearer but considerably reduces the emission of potentially dangerous aerosols and is therefore considered a sufficiently effective protection tool against the spread of the Coronavirus.

  • Stickers

    My stickers are weatherproof and can stick on any smooth surfaces such as a door, a wall, a window or a car body, a back of portable PC, smartphone or tablet, etc ...

    Declined in many shapes and sizes, taking from classics such as national, cantonal, departmental or football patches, you will also find original designs that do not exist anywhere else.

    Decorative elements essential to customize to your taste the objects of your daily life

  • Mini T-shirt
  • Lightweight caps

    Lightweight caps on various themes such as humor, love, attachment to our roots

  • Mousepad

    Mousepads antistress illustrated with images on flora, fauna, aviation, architecture or technologies

  • Puzzles
  • Ceramic products

    Ceramic products like cups bowls goblets

  • Gift vouchers

    Gift vouchers for birthdays, Christmas holidays, Mother's Day, or any other occasions where we are pleased to offer

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items