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  • Vintage

    Ladies fashion t-shirts, illustrated with drawings or word games on the subject of objects, games or vehicles belonging to the past and, by nostalgia, sometimes restored to the taste of the day or become cult objects.

    From the famous Two Horses to the Rubik's Cube, to the vinyl records, the audio cassette or the Polaroid, so many everyday objects that made the glory of the 20th century and often unknown to younger generations

  • Quotes

    T-shirts with a very feminine cut, illustrated with expressions, quotes or humorous drawings about the men, women, politics, urban legends, leisure, customs or lifestyle of everyone.

    Blondes, young people, parents, old people, fondue, bad manners, stereotypes, films and famous brands, nothing and no one is spared.

  • Funny cows

    Humourous t-shirts for ladies on animal expressions and idioms on the theme of the cow

  • T-shirts humoristiques...
  • Mom

    The joy of being or becoming a mother...

    Whether it's for the first time or you're already loaded with experience, being a mom or a grandmother is as much a joy as a responsibility.

    From motherhood to adolescence, a selection of humorous T-shirts to express your pride in your children

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Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 21 items