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The Swiss brand of T-shirts and accessories, the pleasure gift, for oneself or loved ones, since 2012.
All drawings are personal adaptations or creations
You will not find them anywhere other than in my store

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My products come from my creations or my adaptations of themes like quotes, humor, loves, pastiches of marks or attachment to our roots.
aTigraphe® brand products will never be mass products. They are printed in Switzerland by the small company Gravilux.ch, based in Cugy in the canton of Fribourg. In this company, no automatic machines or robots. From the unpacking of the naked t-shirt to the mailing to you, hands and spirit of a human being are behind, instilling the values ​​of authenticity and uniqueness to each object That you have acquired.
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Le shop de aTigraphe® - apprentiphotographe.ch, Siège principal Fawer Jean-Yves Rte de Lucens 93 1527 Villeneuve

Phone: +4177 405 7779
Email: shop@apprentiphotographe.ch

Siège principal de la marque aTigraphe®,

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Whatsapp : +4179 405 7779
Facebook Messenger : https://www.facebook.com/atigraphe.ch/

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GRAVILUX Chemin des Frossailles 24 1482 Cugy/FR

Phone: +4126 660 62 22
Email: info@gravilux.ch

Lieu de production des articles aTigraphe®


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