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The Swiss brand of T-shirts and accessories, the pleasure gift, for oneself or loved ones, since 2012.
All drawings are personal adaptations or creations
You will not find them anywhere other than in my store

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My products come from my creations or my adaptations of themes like quotes, humor, loves, pastiches of marks or attachment to our roots.
aTigraphe® brand products will never be mass products. They are printed in Switzerland by the small company Gravilux.ch, based in Cugy in the canton of Fribourg. In this company, no automatic machines or robots. From the unpacking of the naked t-shirt to the mailing to you, hands and spirit of a human being are behind, instilling the values ​​of authenticity and uniqueness to each object That you have acquired.
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Valaisanne inside ★ Valaisanne à l'intérieur ★ Cotton mask View larger

Valaisanne inside ★ Valaisanne à l'intérieur ★ Cotton mask

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Valaisanne inside ★ Valaisanne à l'intérieur ★ Cotton mask

Important information !

Covering your nose and mouth with a mask has become compulsory in some cantons. Always wash or disinfect your hands before putting it on and after taking it off. Only touch the elastic band of the mask.

Cloth masks can be used several times a day, for example in public transport or shops. In this case, hand hygiene is essential.

* Please note: According to the OFSP (Federal Office of Public Health), industrial fabric masks (also called "community masks"), used correctly, do not protect the wearer but considerably reduce the emission of potentially dangerous aerosols . However, it is not a certified product or a medical product and is therefore not suitable for medical or hygienic use. Wearing this breathing mask is the responsibility of the wearer and does not provide complete protection but may reduce the diffusion of droplets.

** According to the US CDC: "fabric Masks effectively block most of the large droplets (~ 20-30 microns and more) and may also block the projection of droplets often designated by the term aerosol"

This mask provides protection against dust and pollen and can also be used during various leisure or gardening activities

Product detail

- Two very comfortable layers
- Front 100% polyester, back 80% cotton, 20% polyester
- White colour
- Washable up to 60 ° C and ideal for everyday use

Available in 3 sizes:

- M: approx. 16 x 11.5 cm, more suitable for ladies and teenagers

- L: approx. 19 x 12 cm, suitable for women and men

- XL: approx. 20 x 12,5 cm, more suitable for men