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The Swiss brand of T-shirts and accessories, the pleasure gift, for oneself or loved ones, since 2012.
All drawings are personal adaptations or creations
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My products come from my creations or my adaptations of themes like quotes, humor, loves, pastiches of marks or attachment to our roots.
aTigraphe® brand products will never be mass products. They are printed in Switzerland by the small company Gravilux.ch, based in Cugy in the canton of Fribourg. In this company, no automatic machines or robots. From the unpacking of the naked t-shirt to the mailing to you, hands and spirit of a human being are behind, instilling the values ​​of authenticity and uniqueness to each object That you have acquired.
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T-Shirt - Yin-Yang - Panda

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Lady T-shirt with a very feminine cut illustrated with a giant panda inside Yin and Yang.

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Lady fashion t-shirt - Yin-Yang - Panda

T-shirt with a very feminine cut illustrated with a giant panda inside Yin and Yang.


Yin and yang are two complementary categories, found in all aspects of life and the universe. This notion of complementarity is peculiar to Chinese philosophy, which more readily thinks of duality in the form of complementarity.

The giant panda is a mammal that lives only in central China, in mountainous areas covered with highland forests, such as Sichuan Province, parts of Shaanxi Province or the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Its Chinese name is "big cat-bear", it weighs from 80 to 125 kg and measures from 1.50 to 1.80 meters in length. It is mostly made of white, with the ears, the legs and the outline of the black eyes. The panda has six fingers including a "fake thumb" opposable to his five fingers.

Herbivore, It has 42 teeth to grind bamboo. Its hearing and smell are very fine but its sight, on the other hand, is rather mediocre


In InchLengthNeck width


(under the arms)


(at the waist)

XS 23 7 15 17
S 24 7.25 16 18
M 25 7.5 16.5 19
L 26 7.75 17 20
XL 27 8 17.5 21
XXL 28 8.25 18 22

Product detail

- 93% Polyester, 7% spandex 
- With breathable PURE-tech™ technology 
- 230 gsm, form fitted cut, longer lenght, cotton feel 
- Double seamed, neck tape, round neck 

This T-shirt made from breathable functional fiber are perfect for sporting activities and are often worn in everyday life. Tthe printing pattern is endless washable without loss of quality.

Product Care:

- Washable at 30 ° 
- Drying at low temperature 
- Unnecessary ironing